My Roast Chicken Secrets Revealed

一两年以前,我摆脱我的烤盘中。Not because I’m anti-roasting pan, or because I needed the space, but because I realized that my roasting pan had a non-stick surface and that I’d been scratching it up with a metal spatula over the years and that there was a teensy, tiny chance I’d been exposing myself and my loved ones to carcinogens whenever I roasted a chicken and that we’re all going to die and it’s all my fault.

因此,这些天,当我烤鸡肉,我靠我的最大的铸铁锅。坦率地说,我觉得它工作得更好。我在即兴心爱的托马斯凯勒烧鸡秘方, the one I’ve been making for the past eight years, combining assorted root vegetables and potatoes and garlic in the bottom of the pan with a splash of vegetable oil, salt, and pepper, and then topping it with a chicken that I stuff with thyme and garlic, also rub with vegetable oil, before sprinkling with lots of salt and pepper. Only, I’ve been much bolder with a certain ingredient to really make my roast chicken shine. Can you guess what it is?


That’s right, butter.


And you know what? It makes a big difference.

它不仅让你的烤鸡湿润,它also helps it brown up beautifully. I mean just look at last night’s bird.

另一大一步,我一直在服用有烹饪时间做。亚博体育下载苹果在过去,我曾经约过熟鸡肉担心;现在我担心煮熟它。通过我的各种烤鸡实验,我发现,时间越长我让它坐在热炉,更好的获得。很少做乳腺干出来的(可能是因为所有的黄油)和腿和深色肉得到得当,却变成了几乎脱落,在骨嫩。我的新方法:启动475 20至30分钟,直到外面真的是褐色,降低到425,然后煮一小时。因此,共有90分钟。

The other thing I do? Once the pan’s out of the oven, I lift the chicken off, put it on a plate or platter to rest, and, after tossing the vegetables around a bit with a metal spatula, I stick the pan back in the oven to get the vegetables even more caramelized.



Who wouldn’t want to see that on their dining room table, especially as it starts to get chillier outside? Serve with Dijon mustard, a bottle of Pinot Noir, and that’s pretty much the perfect roast chicken dinner, as far as I’m concerned. You could add a salad, but after all of that butter? You’d only be kidding yourself.