Pasta with Zucchini and Almonds


But there’s one recipe from my archives that really made zucchini come alive for me. That’s this side dish of西葫芦杏仁从红色猫在纽约。这里就是你要做的:你在橄榄油炒切片杏仁,只是因为他们开始得到烤面包添加了一堆切片西葫芦。加入盐的大捏,折腾周围的一切,全心全意与柠檬汁的时候了。








然而,事情远没有如此彻底的黑色和白色。尽管被大多性格内向,我仍然喜欢外出(尤其是餐馆,意外惊喜),尽管被大多外向,克雷格真的可以享受一晚。这就是为什么,上周六,当他从纽约飞回来,我们不得不关于我们晚上的讨论。A组的朋友都去了,我们被邀请。我买食材做出美味的晚餐。克雷格的理想晚上是为我做晚餐,然后我们一起出去这些朋友。我的理想是晚上做晚餐,并在沙发上看奠定天桥骄子。Ultimately, I gave Craig a choice: (1) we could go out and meet these friends, but if we did that, I’d want to go out to dinner first so I wouldn’t be smelly and also so I’d be motivated to go out; or (2) I could make this delicious dinner, but then we’d have to stay in. Craig puzzled it over for a second and then chose the only acceptable option considering that I’d gone shopping and that I’m his husband and really he’d been away for a week so of course he’d want to stay in, Option 2.


You Know You Want To Stir Ricotta Into Your Pasta

You’re going to start calling me a broken record on here. In fact, me saying that “I’m a broken record on here” feels like something I’ve said before.

从本质上讲,我会打了几个相同主题在本文中,我一直在打最近:(1)看在PBS烹饪节目;(2)将要McCall’s Meat and Fish。让我们用PBS开始。我看都在PBS的烹饪节目中获得的想法,最近我在看一个我以前从未看过,尼克·斯泰利诺的节目。他是一个快活的意大利人谁用厚的意大利口音,并具有很高的热情为他做的食物说话。最近,他极力称赞他妻子的面食的美德。她的把戏?她搅拌凝乳在年底。我在心里记尝试有一天。这一天发生在周二晚上。





Generally speaking, when you’re cooking something, you want it to turn brown (or, to use a prettier word, you want it to “caramelize.”) What that really comes down to is taking things further than you might otherwise feel comfortable. The hard part is if you take them too far, there’s no going back. So you’ve gotta get in there, hover over the pan, but don’t hover too much–if you stare, you’ll be tempted to stir, and that stops the browning. It’s a delicate dance, developing flavor, but if you do it the right way you can create a dish that’s way more dynamic than it has any right to be–like this dish of spaghetti with crispy chickpeas and preserved lemon.




我和面食是什么?不,说真的,我真的问:我怎样才能吃这么多了,从来没有感到厌倦?有时候,亚博体育下载苹果我觉得这是我个人的玫瑰花蕾,因为我最早的与食品相关的记忆涉及在大电视前,灰色的地毯坐在一点点黄色塑料桌子,在上面吃螺丝粉与帕戈。上午我试图重新童年的纯真?也许。Or maybe it’s just that pasta is so versatile and, more importantly, once you know the rules of how to make it–undercooking your pasta in well-salted water, then finishing it in the sauce, taking off the heat when almost all the liquid’s absorbed, and finishing with raw olive oil and grated cheese–it’s just one of the most impressive, delightful things you can make at home.




Looks can be deceiving. For example, the picture you see above probably looks pretty good, but not the kind of thing you’re going to e-mail to all of your friends with the subject “!!!!” and the message, “OH MY GOD WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS.”

That’s a shame because, the thing is, if you could taste a bite of the picture above, fresh out of the pan, exploding with sweet corn flavor, given depth by nicely browned squash, married all together with a pat of butter, you’d be doing cartwheels down the street, eager to get all of the ingredients to make this yourself. It’s the best bite of summer I’ve had so far, and it’s a surprising way to use ingredients that normally wind up on the grill or in a salad.